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swindles back cover pic 2022.jpg

(J Evans, Twerk Thompson, Hunter Burgamy, Dave Boswell, Wendell Brunios).

IMG-4678 (1).jpg

Hunter Burgamy, Jory Woodis, JE, Ben Fox 

james on tromby.jpg
cowboy James.jpg
Three Muses, Haloween 2020
rakishly handsome guy.JPG
james 2 horns 2.jpg
palm court return and grand opening.jpg
Photo by Pete Rose'
IMG-4677 (1).jpg
photo by Claire Bangser
111 (2).jpg
 Secret Six photo by Claire Bangser
IMG_5566 (1).jpg
New Years at the Spotted Cat With Shotgun Jazz Band
c mel 2018 (3).jpg
Spotted Cat
Palm Court Jazz Cafe (band featuring James Singleton, Kevin Lewis & Lucien Barbarin).
sidebar april 30 2020.JPG
Sidebar NOLA with James Singleton
L-R Richard Moten, Ronell Johnson, Lars Edegran, Clive Wilson.
At Preservation Hall
With Tony Rico (of Bad Manners Fame)
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